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Why we are closing

2 Oct 2023

Maintain—in its current form—is closing. Endings are never easy… but neither is maintenance. We hope this post will explain where Maintain came from, where it got to, and the people who helped us along the way.

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Why is maintenance so difficult to talk about?

13 Aug 2020

We don’t have the right words or metaphors yet.

London Design Festival: Debating maintenance and de-growth at the Non-Pavilion

17 Sep 2019

Can’t make it to Liverpool on September 28th? Or just want a preview? We will be at the London Design Festival this weekend!

The First Web Browser on a Mobile Phone: STNC HitchHiker browser running on a prototype TTPcom GSM mobile phone

Alternate History – Could the web have been easier to maintain?

14 Jul 2019

Recently, I recorded an interesting conversation with Adrian McEwen. Adrian is co-founder of DoES Liverpool. Back in 1996, Adrian joined STNC and worked on early mobile browser technology. This was the HitchHiker framework which appears at the top of this timeline of web browsers. STNC was eventually acquired by Microsoft.

An iceberg in a vivid blue ocean, from above

Maintenance – The Tip of the Iceberg

18 Jun 2019

ike most words, maintenance has several meanings. In this context maintenance is the process of keeping something in an existing state (of repair, efficiency, or validity).

Kids wave flags on the sidelines of a Bath City football match

How do you maintain a football club? Oliver Holtaway on the community takeover of Bath City FC

5 Apr 2019

In the lead-up to the 2019 Festival of Maintenance, we are catching up with some of our speakers from 2018 to reflect on the value of maintenance in our work and everyday lives.

Alex Mecklenburg

Alex Mecklenburg on maintenance and why we need better stories

19 Mar 2019

The 2018 Festival of Maintenance brought together a variety of fantastic speakers. Leading up to the 2019 Festival, we are catching up with some of our speakers from 2018 to reflect on the value of maintenance in our work and everyday lives.

The Economist

The Economist piece on the Festival of Maintenance

19 Oct 2018

Maintenance is often dismissed as mere drudgery. But in fact repairing things is often trickier than making them.

—David Edgerton, Festival of Maintenance 2018

Laura James holding a laptop at the 2018 Festival of Maintenance

BBC report from the Festival of Maintenance

17 Oct 2018

BBC World Service researcher, Hannah Fisher, reports from the London Festival of Maintenance and interviews Laura James, Daria Cybulska and Janet Gunter.

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Laura James reflects on the first Festival of Maintenance

7 Oct 2018

Read Laura’s reflections on Medium. The article includes a summary of the day, audience feedback, and details of where Festival funds came from and what they were spent on.

Five rows of sweets and berries

Full Circle Leadership by Alanna Irving

22 Sep 2018

Originally recorded for the Festival of Maintenance, Alanna Irving presents Full Circle Leadership.

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What was the inspiration behind the Festival of Maintenance?

3 Dec 2017

We were inspired by discussions at Maker Assembly, where we discussed the sustainability of making, maker communities and maker spaces, and the way that innovation and new things are championed, whereas maintenance is often less visible, less valued – and yet essential.